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Author:  leigh1381

Pairing:  Akame

Rating:  GP

Genre:  Romance

Disclaimer:  I own them, in my mind at least   ^__^v

Summary:  How can you express your love for someone who considers you as his best friend

Notes:  My first ever fanfic so bear with me and comments and always loved.


Chapter 1



Kame: “Jin let’s be best of friends forever…”


They were in kame’s room and just hanging around.


Jin: “Baka! Of course we would be best friends forever, no matter what!”


Kame: “Oi! Who are you calling baka? Your way more stupid than I am!”


Jin: “who me stupid? Says who?”


Kame: “ME” (points to his own chest)


Jin: “Ok since you said that, our friendship ends here and now’


…this was delivered with a glare and a haughty expression…


Kame: “Ok fine by me” and he added “Who would want to be friends with a stupid person like you?”


They’ve glared some more at each other and turned their backs.  The two kept the silence for about an hour, both feeling guilty but not willing to apologize.


Jin suddenly felt a hug from behind and smiled. 


Jin: “What are you doing?”


Kame:  “Nothing, I am just feeling cold” but he kept on hugging the other boy


Jin turned around and embraced the smaller boy. 


Jin:  “I thought we are no longer friends?”


Kame:  “I’m sorry, I didn’t really mean that.”


Jin:  “Me too”, Sorry!” “Can I have a kiss?” He did this with extended lips.


Kame:  “No way” and he taps Jin’s forehead for good measure. “You’re a pervert”


Jin:  “Itai” and rubs his forehead.  He suddenly asked “Are you still feeling cold?”


Kame:  “hmmm” and he snuggled deeper in Jin’s embrace, burying his face in the older one’s neck, “this is nice”


Jin:  “yeah, this is nice” feeling sleepy and he looked at the other boy and saw the other one already sleeping.  In his heart he wished they would be like this forever.



Jin and kame are best friends since they were ten.  The first time Jin saw kame he already said to himself that he would protect the other boy no matter what.  That time not fully understanding what it means but as they are getting older Jin realized that he doesn’t only want to protect kame but he wants kame to belong to him. Now that they are in High School the two are practically inseparable, doing things together, even though they love and play different sports, soccer for jin and baseball for kame, they would still be there, cheering for each other.  


Both boys are popular in school, always receiving love letters, flowers and bento boxes.


Jin:  “Ne kame, do you like someone?” He asked as they eat the bento given to them earlier.


Kame:  “Me? Hmmm… Right now? Nope! How about you?”


He stared for a long time in Kame’s face and said  “Yes, I do have a special person in my heart.”


Kame:  “Really, do I know her?”  Not realizing the other boy’s feelings.


Jin:  “Yes, you know that person.” He said but did not add anything.


Kame realizing that the other doesn’t want to talk anymore didn’t push to get the girls name. But he can’t help but feel a little uneasy.





Kame and Jin are on their way home when kame said something that caused Jin’s heartache…


“You know the other day when you asked me if I already like someone?” Kame said


“Yeah, what about it?” he asked nonchalantly but feeling nervous.


“I’ve just realized that I liked someone but didn’t know it until today”


“May I ask who that someone is?”


“Yani, she’s a year lower than us” Kame was blushing while telling Jin.  “I bump to her this morning and I had my arms wrapped around her waist to prevent her from falling, then I realized she’s very pretty and I don’t know what got into me that I suddenly asked her out for a date!” he said in rush.


Jin upon hearing this hurried his steps and had his back on kame not wanting the other boy see the hurt in his eyes.  He didn’t say anything because he is too hurt and any words coming from him this moment may sound forced.  He wanted to shake the other and tell him about his feeling and then kiss him senseless until he reciprocates his feelings but instead he just listened to Kame about Yani.


“I have to go somewhere” Jin suddenly said when he can’t take it anymore interrupting kame’s non-stop chatter.


“Where?” “I’ll go with you” Kame answered right away.


“No, you can’t” Then he left without waiting for kame’s answer.





Kame is still puzzled by Jin’s reaction earlier and he kept on thinking if he did or say anything to upset Jin.  And thinking of that incident in his room for two hours is not helping so he decided to go visit the other boy.


In the Akanishi household he knocked a few times and opened the door, since he was always visiting he was told to just come inside and not wait for someone to invite him in.  He made a detour in the kitchen where he knows Mrs. Akanishi would be.


Mrs. Akanishi:  “Hi, Kame!”


Kame:  “Good Evening Mrs. Akanishi” “Is Jin in his room?”


Mrs. Akanishi:  “Yes he is and he still hasn’t eaten his dinner, would you mind bringing it to him?”


Kame:  “Sure, no problem” and picked-up the tray with Jin’s dinner.


Now Kame was really concerned because it’s not like Jin to miss dinner and for his best friend food comes first.  He didn’t bother to knock and just opened the door and he found Jin laying on his back staring at the ceiling still wearing their school uniform.






“Are you okay?”




“Are you hungry?”




Kame sighed and putted the tray in the side table.  Then he lay down on the bed beside Jin.  He didn’t say anything.  He could still feel that the other one was not in a good mood.  So he turned on his side and hugged Jin.


“Want to tell me about it?” he asked in a whisper.


Jin also turned on his side and returned Kame’s hug.  “I’ll be ok”


“You know you can always talk to me, right?”


“Thank you” he said and hugged the other one tighter.


They fell into a comfortable silence just hugging each other.

Tags: title: forever
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