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18 April 2009 @ 02:36 am
COWBOY 3a/?  

Title:  Cowboy 3a/?

Author:  leigh1381

Pairing:  Akame

Genre:  Romance

Disclaimer:  If only I could own sparkly beautiful bois ^___^v

Summary:  He needs rest, lots of rest as his friends say but how can he do that when a sexy & haughty cowboy keeps bugging him

Note: fluff is all I know ^^0v



Chapter 3


“Careful or I might eat you up peepee”


Kame couldn’t prevent a shiver running through his back at the other’s words


“Oh~ I’m so scared” Kame said in bravado


“You’re not threatened?” Jin crosses his arms on his chest


“Definitely not”


“Why Kazuya?”


“Because I might be the one who will eat you up” Kame said innocently




“What’s that smile supposed to mean?” Kame asks infuriated




“Tell me” Kame commanded


“Why Kazuya have you just offered yourself to me” Jin pretended to be shocked


“What?” Kame lost track of what they are talking about


“Well you have just offered to make love to me” Jin explains


“Of course not” Kame vehemently declared


“You did”




“Heard you loud and clear”


“You got it wrong” Kame said frantically


“One of these days I might claim that offer” Jin said contemplatively


“That’s not what I meant” Kame wants to pull his hair out in exasperation


“You already said it, so there’s no use retracting it”


“I’ll go insane talking to you”


“That would be bad” Jin said sympathetically


“Whatever” Kame surrenders


Jin didn’t say anything but continued to stare at him


“WHAT?” Kame exploded


“Nothing” Jin innocently denies


“Then stop staring”


“I will in a minute”


“Then hurry up”


“Okay I’m done” Jin declared


“Good” Kame nods and turned to get some tissue to dry his face


“But please remember your promise” Jin reminded




“Damn it you jerk” Kame rounded


“What peepee?”


“You can’t bully me like that you jerk”


“Oh I would never do that to you Kazuya” Jin cockily said


“You’re already doing it”


“You got it all wrong”


“Don’t be too distressed Kazuya” Jin coos


“No you’re the one who shouldn’t be so arrogant” and added after a few seconds “JIN”


Jin let out a smile


“Why are you smiling you crazy man?” Kame asks


“You finally said my name”


“And that is something to be happy about?”


“It sounded sweet in my ears” Jin’s eyes twinkled


“You are truly crazy Akanishi Jin and I do not know anymore what to do with you”


Kame huffs and turned his back from Jin to get tissue, once getting the tissue he jerkily wipes his face and threw the paper on the garbage can


“Let’s get going”


“Looking like that” Jin points at Kame’s face


Looking at the mirror Kame saw bits of tissue stuck to his face


“I really let the toilet paper to stick to my face because this is the latest fashion” Kame said as an excuse


“Really now” Jin said amused


“Yes and it also makes me stand out” Kame said flippantly and started to remove the paper from his face


Staring at what the other man is doing Jin badly wants to touch Kame’s smooth cheek


“Let me do it Peepee” Jin offered help


“I can do it myself”


“You can’t do it properly”


“What makes you think that I can’t do it by myself” Kame said annoyed


“Because …” Jin couldn’t come up with an excuse


“Yeah?” Kame arches an eyebrow


Jin couldn’t say outright that he just wanted to feel the other’s skin


“You’re skin looks so smooth” Jin said to himself and immediately felt shy at saying something so embarrassing


“I’m still waiting” Kame taps his foot


“Because blonds are dumb” Jin said instead not answering the question


“And love is blind” Kame retaliated and rolls his eyes


“That is corny Kazuya” Jin said amusedly


“And what you’ve said is totally outrageous Akanishi Jin”


“I have a point you know” Jin pointed out


“With blonds are dumb?” Kame asks waiting for more nonsense from the other man


“Yap some are really airheads Kazuya”


“And please do tell me what does it has to do with me?” Kame said exasperatedly


“You’re an airhead?”


Jin said it a joking manner and he didn’t expect to be kicked on the shin in response




“Want more?” Kame willingly offers


“Why did you do that Kazuya?”


“You are very insulting Akanishi Jin“


“It was a joke”


“What if I told you look like a monkey?”


“Is there a handsome monkey?” Jin bend down to rub his abuse shin “Because if there isn’t they haven’t discovered me yet”


“WOW” Kame said in amazement


“Are you already in love with this handsome monkey?” Jin arrogantly smiles at he straightened up


“I’m totally amaze”


“Yes it’s very rare to see a monkey as handsome as me Peepee”


“How can you hear an insult and turn it into a compliment” 




“You’re parent’s must have trained you well Akanishi Jin”


“You’re talking nonsense, I was brought up the normal way” Jin shrugs


“I doubt that”


Jin still wanting to touch the other’s skin, suddenly grabs the other man by the neck


“What are you doing” Kame asks startled at the other action


“Cleaning you up”


“Then why do you have to grab me like that?”


“I just feel like it”


“You are a monkey earlier and now you’re acting like a caveman”


“That’s because I’m evolving Peepee”


“Evolving my ass”


“You’re ass also evolved?” Jin widens his eyes in exaggeration “Into what?”




“Could it be an ass on top of an ass Peepee?”


“That’s not even possible” Kame wanted to laugh but holds it in “You stupid man”


“I want to see your evolved ass Peepee” Jin begs


“You’re a pervert Akanishi Jin” Kame tries to step away from the other man


“Stop moving Kazuya, so that we could finish this” Jin commanded


“I can do …”


“Don’t be difficult Peepee” Jin lightly scolded


“There’s mirror here, I can do it myself” Kame stated the obvious


“This would be much faster KAME”


“My name doesn’t have anything to do with this” Kame got what Jin is implying


“TURTLE” Jin teased


“BAKANISHI JINNIFER” Kame fires back


“Very lame Peepee” Jin laughs




“I win so let me continue cleaning you up” Jin said triumphantly


“But …”


“If you will just shut your lovely mouth we could have been finished by now Kazuya”


Kame did was he was ordered but he couldn’t stop himself from pouting


“Peepee you’re like Pinocchio” Jin blurted out


“I don’t even want to ask” Kame rolled his eyes at the other’s randomness


“I’ll tell you anyways”


Jin lightly removes the bits of toilet tissue on the other man’s face


“Spare me please”


“Pinocchio cause your lips are getting longer by the second”


“It’s the nose you know” Kame sighs


“I know that Kazuya”


“Then …”


“It’s just an analogy”


Jin had already finished his self employed task but he still pretends to continue cleaning the other’s face


“Wow you know that word” Kame pretended to be surprised


“Of course” Jin said in an arrogant voice “I am not stupid”


“You could have fooled me”


“You know what peepee?” Jin asks suddenly




“I would love to put my hands around your neck and throttle you”


“Another threat?” Kame raises an eyebrow once again


“Yes” Jin answered breathily


Kame being distracted with their conversation just now felt that the other man is caressing his face


“Akanishi Jin” Kame calls out


“Peepee” Jin answered


Jin thumbs the other’s cheek which feels so smooth against his slightly callused hands


“Is this natural?” Jin asks


“Yes” Kame feels annoyed at the others tone


“Are you using some kind of a cream?” Jin now traces Kame’s jaw


“I don’t, why?”


“You must be” Jin said unbelievingly “Because it’s so smooth”


Kame’s brows twitches in annoyance when the other man didn’t believe him


“Out with it” Jin urges




“The truth Kazuya”


“I do have a secret” Kame finally said giving up




“I did something” Kame confesses solemnly


“That’s my Peepee” Jin approves


Kame resenting the other’s approving tone continues


“Cause …” Kame put as much misery in his voice


“What happened?” Jin asks in concern


“Every night …” Kame chokingly halted


“Go on” Jin urges


“I can’t” Kame closes his eyes


“Why Peepee?”


“The memories hurt”


“I’m here for you” Jin said seriously, he now regrets asking about the details


“Oh really now” Kame snorted a little in laughter but covered it up with a pretend sob




Kame pauses to put as much dramatic effect




“WHAT?” Jin asks in shock


“It worked so well it’s like having a cosmetic surgery” Kame let out an over bright smile and a thumbs up


“BAKA PEEPEE” Jin shouts


“That’s why it’s so smooth now” Kame caresses his face with the back of his hand


Death glare


“I think you could also use the help of the wall”


Kame could grow icicles from the Jin’s cold stare


“Rubbing your lips against the wall will trim it a little” Kame advises


“You’re stupid” Jin castigated


“But you have to bear with the pain” Kame pokes Jin on the face “It hurts like hell”






“To think I almost believed you’re sorry story, you prick” Jin spats outraged


“I should be an actor” Kame praises himself


“Stupid Peepee” Jin spats


“You think so”


“I know so” Jin nods to back up his claim


“Because you’re the master of stupidity, right”


“Shut up” Jin said irritated




“I need to finish my duty” Jin snaps


He is angry but he doesn’t want to pass an opportunity to continue touching the other man


“Go ahead” Kame tilted his face in meek obedience


Jin once again let his fingers run along the other’s features, his fascination grows by the minute


“Just like an angel” Jin thought


Jin is so enthralled with the other man he lightly traces Kame’s cheeks, eyebrows and the bridge of Kame’s nose


“I think a mountain of garbage had settled in my face if you taking this long” Kame said but he was ignored




Jin is particularly fascinated at Kame’s lips which has a mischievous tilt at the end, unconsciously he leans down wanting to feel those lips against his own




Only an inch apart separates their lips from touching when Kame realizes what the other man is going to do


“ARE YOU GOING TO KISS ME?” Kame shouted which startled the other man


“WHAT?” Jin shouted back


“Are you planning to kiss me?”


“Of course not” Jin denies composing himself


“Are you sure?”






“As I have told you I don’t swing that way Kazuya”


“And I do?” Kame asks belligerently


“You might be”


“I don’t” Kame said in a firm voice


“Really?” Jin smirks


“What do you think?” Kame asks back


Jin having an inkling that one wrong word from him would put his life in mortal danger kept his mouth shut


“Then tell why you suddenly leaned on me like that?”


“I was just closely inspecting your face Peepee” Jin said in excuse


“For what?”


“Some more dirt?”


“My face is not that dirty, so enough already”


“Okay if you say so” Jin shrugs nonchalantly




Jin couldn’t believe that he almost kissed the other man, he knows that he is definitely fascinated with Kame but to have an urge to taste those mischievous looking lips is another thing


“Why am I like this” Jin introspected


Too busy scolding himself, Jin didn’t notice that the other man is still talking to him


“Akanishi Jin”


“Do I swing that way?” Jin continue to asks himself








“Definitely not”




“I can’t be” Jin said to himself mortified


“I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART AKANISHI JIN” Kame jokingly confesses to get


“WHAT?” Jin could believe what he had heard




“What did you say?”


“Did I say anything?” Kame asks back


“You …”




“You said you love me” Jin’s heart wants to leap out of his chest


“I did?” Kame lies


“Yes?” Jin said doubtfully


“As if I would tell you that” Kame scoffs


“But I clearly heard you say …”


“I would never say those words to you”


“You won’t?” Jin felt a little hurt and he doesn’t know why


“I won’t, not in a million years”


“I just hope you will not fall in love with me”


“Why would I fall in love with an arrogant man like you?” Kame raises an eyebrow haughtily


“You will eat your words Peepee”


“I doubt that Jinjin”


Jin totally annoyed at what the other man had declared, raises his hand and thumps Kame on the forehead hard


“ITAI” Kame howls


“It doesn’t hurt that much”


“It does”


“What a cry-baby” Jin smiles smugly


Incest with Jin’s taunt Kame raises his knee and attacked Jin on his most vulnerable spot


“MY FUTURE JINJIN’S” Jin screams loudly


“Let’s see who is the crybaby now”


Kame flees the toilet afraid of the retaliation from the other man


“Peepee come back here” Jin calls out at the other’s back


“No way Akanishi Jin” Kame laughs


“You are so dead” Jin promises


Kame’s heart is pounding so hard not in fear at the other’s threat but from excitement, he feels so alive when he is having an argument with the other man


“Arrogance suits him very much, I must say” Kame thought


He went back to where they had left his luggage and thankfully it was still there


“What a nice place” Kame muses “In any other place, it would be lost forever”


Kame expected the other to be charging after him for what he had done but fifteen minutes had already passed but Akanishi Jin still haven’t showed up


“Is he alright?” Kame bites his lips in uncertainty


Straining his neck to see if the other man would emerge from the toilet, Kame took some hesitant steps to check on the other man


“No, it’s just a decoy”


Kame retreated back to where his bags are, he knows he is really in trouble doing that to an arrogant man like Akanishi Jin


“I think I am so dead”


Looking down at his watch he saw that it was already past thirty minutes since he had fleed the toilet


“Okay I’ll check on him after ten minutes” Kame said aloud


Looking up he was just in time to see the other man coming out from the direction of the toilet




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