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Title:  FOREVER 2/?

Author:  leigh1381

Pairing:  Akame

Rating:  GP

Genre:  Romance

Disclaimer:  I own them, in my mind at least   ^__^v

Summary:  How can you express your love for someone who considers you as his best friend

Note: Your comments really inspire fanfic writers specially first timers and thank you to those who commented on the first chapter. Again love to hear from you guys.

Chapter 2

After Kame’s visit to him the previous night Jin decided that he would just be happy for Kame because he doesn’t want to force his feelings to the other boy.   He can still be with Kame even though not the way he wanted.  He would just continue to love him secretly.


Jin heaves a long sigh.


Pi:  “Wow! What a happy sound!” his friend exclaimed.


Jin:  “Hi Pi! He greeted his friend back.


Pi: “What’s wrong? Kame-chan problem?


Yamashita Tomohisa or Pi is also Kame and Jin’s friend since they’ve entered High School.  And the only person who knows Jin’s love for Kame unexpectedly learning the other’s secret one night when they were drinking and Jin being too drunk confessed everything, luckily Kame had a late baseball practice and can’t join them that night.


Jin:  “He likes a girl”


Pi:  “Of course he likes a girl, he is a normal human being”


Jin:  “They have a date, he asked her out!” he exclaimed again


Pi: “You know you can’t do anything about it, he doesn’t know your feelings” he consoled his friend.


Jin:  “What if I confess?”


Pi:  “Can you handle his reaction? Can you accept when he say that he doesn’t like you in that way?


Jin heaves another long sigh.


Pi:  “If you truly love Kame, you would be happy and just be there for him.


Jin palms his face for a few minutes and with a determined shrug he said “Ok, I would do that!”


“Do what?” Kame asked and seated himself between the two.  Neither of the two saw him approached them.


“Trail you on your date” Jin and Pi both said at the same time. Recovering quickly.


“Both of you have a death wish?” Kame said threatening the two.


“We were just joking” Pi said “So, when is the big date?”


“Not telling you incase you’re really going to tail me” he yawned and leans his head in Jin’s lap.


“Didn’t have enough sleep?” Jin asked while he stroked and played with Kame’s hair lovingly.


“Nope, because a certain baka is acting very weird last night and I have to fix him up, give him some love and then I got home really late and remembered I’ve got alot of things to do.”  Still keeping his eyes closed.


“You can’t sleep now, lunch break is almost over” he took Kame’s hand and urged the other one to stand up, “Come on let’s get coffee, want to join us Pi? Jin asked.


“Nope, go ahead I’ll just stay here for awhile” he declined.  He also gives a soft sigh after the two left still holding each other’s hand, he really thinks the two looks good together.  Jin being tall and broad shouldered could protect the smaller framed bordering to petite Kame.





“Hai, Moshi moshi”


“Jinnnnnnn” Kame whined through the phone.


“What? Damn Kame you sound like a pig whining like that!” Jin said amused at his best friend.


“I don’t know what to wear” Kame whined some more.


“Your usual clothes!?” He suggested, not really sure what the other meant.


“But this is different” he argued “this is my first date”


“Oh” His amusement fading.


“Please help me” Kame pleaded


“I’m busy right now” he refused




“I’m trying to study”




“I really can’t”


“Please” Kame asked again now sounding pitiful.


“Oh okay, I’ll be right there” He conceded. 


While he was changing his clothes he was thinking of letting Kame wear something really geeky and ugly so that his date would be turned off, but after seeing the messed clothes and a really anxious Kame he doesn’t have the heart to do that.


“Garage sale perhaps?” he mocked the other one


“Jin” he exclaimed “I’m really glad you are here, I don’t know why I can’t decide!”


“You still haven’t told me when is your date” he ignored the others statement


“Well…are you going to tail me?” Kame asked


“Nope” was the quick response


Kame felt relieved but only for a moment.


“Because I will chaperone you on your date or I might kidnap you and release you only after a week” Jin said seriously.


Kame’s mouth was hanging open after hearing this, he tried to speak “My chaperone?”


Jin seeing Kame’s reaction tweaked the other’s nose “Just kidding, besides I don’t like to …..”


“To what?”


Jin almost said he doesn’t want to see Kame with another girl, “Come on lets chose what you’re going to wear” he said to change the topic.


After and hour of suggesting different clothes to Kame (which Kame rejects right away saying that it’s not good enough) they’ve finally agreed on a simple white t-shirt and a black skinny jeans. 


“Hey Jin!” kame called to get the attention of the other boy.


“Yes?” he answered while picking up some clothes on the floor.


“You told me that you already have a special someone right?”




“Why don’t we go on a double date?”


“No” was the flat out refusal




“I don’t want to share” Jin said a little harshly and shoved the clothes he was carrying in the closet.


“It’s not like I’m going to steal your girl” Kame defended himself and pouted at Jin.


Jin seeing the others pout went to kame’s side and placed his arm on his shoulder “Sorry”


“You’re really deeply in love with your special someone, aren’t you? You’re always moody”


“Yes, I am very much in love” Jin said, looking straight at Kame’s eyes.

~~end of chapter~~

a/n:  will try to update soon, already working on chapter 3 



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